Mission Statement

This group was formed in response to the imminent crisis of our diminishing capacity to attract motion picture productions to Alberta, while other jurisdictions are experiencing unprecedented growth. We seek to present a collective voice on behalf of all Alberta screen industry stakeholders in advocating for competitive provincial screen industry incentive programs, with the common goal of restoring the sustainability and growth of our industry and building our critical mass.

Vision Statement

Through collaborating with the Government of Alberta to update our provincial film incentive programs, within the next three years Alberta will have a thriving, sustainable, motion picture industry that has doubled its overall annual production volume, creating over 3000 new full-time jobs. Once this goal has been achieved, ASIAC either becomes obsolete, or evolves its mandate to focus on other screen industry advocacy initiatives.


Action Plan

Phase 1 (April 2019)

Phase 2 (April 2019 - March 2020)

  • We have invited industry leaders, affiliated with ASIAC to guide the process and coordinate Government relations in support of new and improved incentives. ASIAC remains inclusive, should any additional industry leaders wish to join our doors remain open.
  • Insure a workable incentive comes into effect within the next 8-10 months
  • Advocate for new guidelines while reducing red tape and attracting a larger volume of domestic and foreign productions
  • Currently advocating for Alberta Screen Industry to be included in the fall budget and speech
    Town Hall Meeting Screen Industry Letter to Government Download Talking Points

Phase 3 (March 2020 and beyond)

  • Once effective incentives have been implemented the opportunity to develop industry wide safety and green committees is anticipated.


Core Values

Inclusiveness and Collaboration of all Alberta Screen Industry Stakeholders

All stakeholders in the Alberta screen industry are invited and welcome to join the committee and share their perspectives and ideas, and are encouraged to collaborate in the process of helping to create mutually beneficial solutions to solve collective issues. To find out more about the committee and be kept up to date on future meetings, communications, and forums/industry town halls, email Sarah McKenzie at albertafilmindustryAC@gmail.com.

Creating a Sustainable Motion Picture Industry in Alberta

Committee members are invested in creating a sustainable motion picture industry and increasing our production capacity in Alberta. This not only serves to help retain already established jobs, but supports the future growth our industry. We encourage productions of all sizes to produce their projects in Alberta.

Communicating Relevant Alberta Screen Industry Information

We help to empower and educate industry stakeholders and participants, the general public, and all levels of government with accurate and relevant Alberta screen industry information and knowledge. As a committee, we ensure sufficient and appropriate information is obtained and understood in order to make informed decisions.

Celebrating Diversity

We acknowledge that our committee members represent a rich diversity of backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives within the Alberta screen industry. We respect and celebrate our differences in ethnicity, gender identity, age, physical abilities, sexual orientation, education and religion amongst all individuals. Members are encouraged to apply their special skills, creativity, expertise, and knowledge to provide their own unique contribution to the group's overall mission and we seek to empathize with those presenting perspectives that differ from our own.

Promotion and Advocacy of Alberta's Screen Industry

As individual representatives of our industry, we are personally invested in and are proud to present the myriad of screen industry resources that Alberta has to offer and are confident in our ability to not only meet, but exceed industry standards in meeting the needs of screen industry producers from around the world. We help provide awareness and understanding of the economic and cultural benefits of the Alberta screen industry, influencing public opinion and perception, as well as government policy. We support all avenues of promoting Alberta's competent, experienced motion picture crews, talented performers, and industry infrastructure (including professional organizations, post-production houses, and other service providers); highlighting the diversity of our locations in both urban and rural landscapes (including our purpose-built sound stage facilities and film sets); and touting the world class virtues of Calgary and Edmonton as vibrant urban centres that are easily accessible from international destinations via direct flights, as well as featuring Alberta's tourism destination highlights.

Honesty, Integrity and Accountability

We recognize that each of us individually acts as a representative of the greater Alberta screen industry to our employers, affiliates, colleagues, and suppliers as well as government officials and the general public. We take ownership over our individual roles in the Alberta screen industry and strive to present ourselves with the highest level of honesty and integrity in our words and actions, understanding that these qualities lead to trust, transparency and accountability.


Facilitating Industry Consensus

Soliciting input from, and finding common ground among all industry stakeholders with the collective goal of ensuring the growth and sustainability of our industry as a whole.


Public Awareness

Advocating the benefits of the screen industry in Alberta to the general public, communicating how our industry enriches the lives of all Albertans through economic growth and diversification, job creation, culture, and tourism.


Government Outreach

Outreach and collaboration with the provincial government to create efficient policies and incentives that enhance the growth and sustainability of the Alberta screen industry. Our goal is to make Alberta a more attractive place for film productions to do business, aligning with government mandates such as job creation and economic diversification, among others.


The Alberta Screen Industry Action Committee has established the following sub-committee to further its goals

(additional sub-committees may be created as need arises)

Communications Committee

Supports all ASIAC communication efforts, speaking on behalf of the greater good and best interests of all committee members.